Living is more than just surviving.

At Journey Senior Living, we recognize¬†wellness is about more than daily personal care – it’s the combination of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of each person.


Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Success is based on caring for the whole person, communicating effectively, and working directly with residents and families to offer care based on residents’ preferences – not our convenience.

Holistic Care

Care isn’t just about the body – its a mixture of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and emotional parts that make each of us unique. Go beyond living and start thriving.

Care Planning

The only way to achieve goals is to work out a plan to get there. Care is no different. At Journey, we develop a plan with each resident and go one step further – you only pay for the care you actually receive based on that plan.

Personal Choice

Every resident has the opportunity to set their own schedule and preferences and modify as needed. Not a morning person? Breakfast is served all day. The choice is yours.


Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

Journey Senior Living utilizes a variety of care technology to provide efficient and exceptional care, which provides both savings and peace-of-mind.